There is only one word to describe this week and it is LIGHT. Two significant events encompassed most of the week with a few other less significant, but still very important events filling the rest. The first event was the mission leader seminar in Accra with all of the mission leaders in the Africa West … Continue reading Light


On Sunday we attended the new Kwanwoma Group. This is a group that was started with the help of Elder Yancey and Elder Binene a few months back. It is part of the University Stake where Prosper Mensah is the most amazing Stake President in all of Ghana (perhaps the world!). Generally we would travel … Continue reading Kwanwoma

Coming Together

A once in a mission experience happened this week when the entire mission gathered to hear from Elder and Sister Klebingat, 2nd counselor in the Area Presidency and a General Authority. Every single one of our 153 missionaries, including senior couples. It was a wonderful meeting. Elder Klebingat spoke extensively about the premortal existence, the … Continue reading Coming Together

The Water of Life

The Waters of Life On Monday evening we left the house around 3:30 pm to meet Elder Nsungi and Elder Akpan to go over and visit Lazarus and Amelia and their two children.  This is a family they have been working with for some time now.  Their oldest daughter Treasure has been baptized, but the parents are … Continue reading The Water of Life

Isaac and Angel

What a great week it has been! With the completion of the zone conferences last week, we had the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with the missionaries through interviews, a district council and our first proselyting experience. On Tuesday we attended the Dichemso District Council meeting with Elder Aidoo, Elder Barrowes, Sister Codjoe and … Continue reading Isaac and Angel