While there is still much to do before we finish our mission at the end of this month, the fact that Thanksgiving was last week did give us pause for reflection. An aerial view of the heart of Kenema City There are SOOOO many things for which we are grateful, not the least of which … Continue reading Gratitude

A big step forward

One of the biggest opportunities for improvement here in the Kenema District is the amount of attention given to the youth.  With half of the district consisting of wonderful Young Single Adults (YSA), the youth are somehow lost in the masses.  To further complicate matters, we have YSA who refer to themselves as “youths” and … Continue reading A big step forward

It’s No Lye!

The key ingredient in soap making is lye, which is also known as caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. All soap requires the use of this ingredient, in fact not even commercial soap can be made without it. Soap is made by virtue of a chemical reaction between the lye, water and oil(s). When the caustic … Continue reading It’s No Lye!