What a great week we had! We started with our next round of zone conferences, this time the central theme was faith in Jesus Christ. The spirit that has accompanied this topic in each of the three conferences has been life changing, at least for us. How we love these faithful disciples of Jesus Christ … Continue reading Couples!


Though we had a good week with two more zone conferences and many missionary interviews, the closer to the end of the week we came, the more challenges we had to overcome. And while overall the week was good, we were happy to see Sunday morning roll around. Some weeks are just going to be … Continue reading Traffic


There is only one word to describe this week and it is LIGHT. Two significant events encompassed most of the week with a few other less significant, but still very important events filling the rest. The first event was the mission leader seminar in Accra with all of the mission leaders in the Africa West … Continue reading Light


On Sunday we attended the new Kwanwoma Group. This is a group that was started with the help of Elder Yancey and Elder Binene a few months back. It is part of the University Stake where Prosper Mensah is the most amazing Stake President in all of Ghana (perhaps the world!). Generally we would travel … Continue reading Kwanwoma