It’s No Lye!

The key ingredient in soap making is lye, which is also known as caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. All soap requires the use of this ingredient, in fact not even commercial soap can be made without it. Soap is made by virtue of a chemical reaction between the lye, water and oil(s). When the caustic … Continue reading It’s No Lye!

The Pikins

One of the most wonderful things about Sierra Leone are the Pikins (pronounced "peek-ings").  Who are they?  They are the children.  Pikin is the Krio word for children – and they are everywhere.   Current population estimates indicate that 28% of the population consists of children 9 years of age and younger.  If we include those up to age 14, … Continue reading The Pikins

Gathering Strength

Since arriving in Sierra Leone we have always had an expectation about the 2019 fall District Conference for Kenema. In our minds, this would be the conference when the district would become a stake. We had imagined all the fanfare, general authority visits, new callings, new directions and excitement surrounding the creation of the seventh … Continue reading Gathering Strength

It Is Time

Saturday evening I stayed up late following the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. The session ended at 10:00 pm and by then the Saturday morning session was available for download. The District President wanted to show one of the Saturday sessions on Sunday morning in lieu of sacrament meeting. The preferred session was the … Continue reading It Is Time