Perhaps a bit of a unique title for our blog post this week, especially during a regularly scheduled transfer week. But it is appropriate because this past week we did something we have not done before. For those missionaries returning home, Elder and Sister Case from the Area Office, who are serving as self-reliance missionaries, … Continue reading Self-Reliance

More Change

This weekend we held the Tamale District Conference.  Elder Patrick Appianti, our Kumasi Coordinating Council Area Seventy and a man we have grown to love and admire presided at the conference.  The “More Change” part comes from the calling of a new District Presidency.  For the past three years, Gabriel Gakpo has served as the … Continue reading More Change


Humjibre on an early Sunday morning is about 3 hours southeast of Kumasi. So we awoke very early and were on the road by 5:20 am. We stopped and picked up President Obeng, my first counselor in the mission presidency and then drove the 134 km (83 miles) to Sefwi Bekwai where the Humjibre saints … Continue reading Humjibre