Kunzcorner.com is our little corner of the world.  First and foremost we set it up as an easy way to read about our experiences in Sierra Leone, Africa.  While in the temple recently, the spirit spoke to me (Tom) and the words are indelibly imprinted on my soul.  “Your mission will be as important to the people here as it will be to the people there”.  There it was, a simple prompting to tell us that we have an obligation to share our experiences “in the moment”.  Our hope is that through this blog we will adequately answer the call of the Lord to share what we are experiencing.  We are not bloggers, writers or communication specialists.  But we love the Lord and want to do His will.

There is an additional section to this website.  It is called “znukcast”.  This is a blog with a podcast that I (Tom) wrote and published while living in the Philippines.  It was a way to continue to communicate my testimony to our children while we were away from home.  Znuk is just out last name spelled backwards and I thought might be a fun way to put a spin on the concept of a podcast.  These stories are mine.  I take full responsibility for their content.  I give honor and glory to our Heavenly Father, the God of the Universe, and his only begotten Son Jesus Christ.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I have come to recognize God’s hand in my life…every single day.  My hope is that my life,   my stories, my znukcast, might strengthen each reader to have just a little bit more faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in His true and living Church here on the earth.

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  1. Thank you so much for continuing to share your testimonies with all of us ‘at home’. We look forward to sharing in your experiences!


  2. Amy and I missed your open house but think about you often.

    I thought about you this morning and came here to find out how things are going . . . I’ll be back. Thank you for sharing so beautifully what is happening in your lives there while serving the Lord. I recently re-read an article called “The Writing of Jospeh Smith’s History,” by Dean Jesse. It overwhelmed me to think about it: the Lord commanded in 1830: “there shall be a record kept among you,” and your mission blog is part of that ongoing record. According to Jesse, “Jospeh Smith and his associates regarded record keeping as a ‘duty imperative.'” You are following that same Spirit . . . thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, I thought about this scripture from 1 Nephi: “And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost . . . and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be” (13:37). Your examples of love and service are beautiful!


    • Thanks Rich. Those are some very nice words. We are loving our experience here and are feeling the gift and power of the Holy Ghost in our ministry. We are definitely working at publishing peace and tidings of great joy. It is wonderful to be among a people who are so humble and teachable, willing to learn whatever they can about the gospel. The odds are against this country, and yet it is flourishing due to the hand of God! I can’t wait to see what Sierra Leone will look like when it has its own temple. The country will prosper!


  3. I am a descendant of Anna Olschvary Rahon. I wonder if you have more information… I’m searching for more on my Matrillinical Line. She was the mother of Julia Rahon Pazdera, who is the mother of Rosa Pazdera Friga, who is the mother of Fannie Pauline Friga Chambers, mother of Mary Regina Chambers Reeder, who is the mother of me, Elizabeth Catherine Reeder Alexander. I have two daughters as well.


  4. Hello President Kunz I was happy to go through your story a little bit. I am Richard in Kumasi and will love to meet you. I can feel you will be a great mission president.


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