Kenema at last!

We have now been in Sierra Leone for just over 5 days. We spent Tuesday night until Friday afternoon at the home of the President and Sister Clawson. The Clawson’s then took us to Kenema on Friday afternoon. Tom and Pres. Clawson drove the truck we will be using and Sister Clawson and I drove their Fortuner. It was a 5 hour scenic drive. We stopped in Bo and saw the couple’s house there before coming to Kenema which was another hour away. The area around Kenema is beautiful. Very lush and green. After seeing the couple’s apartment in Bo I was grateful to be going to a brand new build because the apartment was so dark and would be difficult for me to live there. Here is a picture of the Bo house. which the Moomey’s (the medical couple) will live in after they arrive on Saturday.

B&K - 1Here is our “new build” apartment.  It is quite roomy, about 1700 sq ft.  We have had a few issues we need to resolve.  Tom will tell you more on that.B&K - 2It has been adventure since coming, but the people, at least at church, are very friendly.  I haven’t quite figured out what we are going to eat everyday, but hopefully we’ll get there.  Sierra Leonians’ food is pretty spicy from what the other missionaries have told us, so not sure if I’ll learn many recipes from them.  The bread  and cucumbers are good and plentiful along all the streets.  The streets are very bumpy unless you happen onto the few paved roads they have.  I never got car sick before, but since coming here that has changed.   — LaDawn


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