The Cleansing

Having lived in Houston, Texas for most of our lives, we have experienced several hurricanes.  We live far enough inland that the brunt of the storms never quite reach us, but we do experience high winds and plenty of rain.  Once a hurricane passes through our area, there is always a period following the storm where we … Continue reading The Cleansing

Mission Tour

It has been a marvelous week in the Ghana Kumasi Mission. This was the week of our mission tour with Elder and Sister Klebingat. Elder Klebingat is the first counselor in the Area Presidency and is the member of the Area Presidency who came last year for our one day mission conference. This year we … Continue reading Mission Tour


The picture for this post is a painting by Nicholas Strohm titled "Path to Normalcy". It is a photograph, but has been edited to look like an oil painting. It is an area near Yorkshire where he loves to run. You can see more of his art here. I found him while looking for a … Continue reading Normalcy

Overcoming Concerns

The topic of this week's blog actually has reference to instruction that the Assistants have been providing first at our Mission Leadership Council and then at each of our Zone Conferences. Overcoming Concerns of someone we are teaching is paramount in the conversion process. Teaching 19-25 year olds how to help someone overcome a concern … Continue reading Overcoming Concerns

100 Meter Box

Last Tuesday, I was able to spend 3 hours with the Assistants in their area. It is called Kwanwoma. This is an area started earlier by Elder Binene and Elder Yancey, and each of my Assistants have continued to work there. It started with a member (Sister Konadu) inviting people to her house to learn … Continue reading 100 Meter Box